Reliable Treatment for Straighter Smiles

At Draper Elite Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer the Damon Ultima metal braces to our patients of all ages in Draper and surrounding areas.

Draper Braces

The most common type of treatment at Draper Elite Orthodontics is metal braces. These orthodontic staples have a long history of successfully straightening smiles at every age for patients around Draper and the surrounding areas.

The Damon Standard

The Damon system sets the standard for orthodontic excellence, and Damon Ultima brackets continue this legacy. Damon Ultima represents the pinnacle of bracket technology, offering unprecedented control and efficiency.

What sets Damon Ultima apart is its refined approach to torque and the rotational force necessary to ensure teeth move into their ideal position accurately and efficiently. Torque precision is vital for creating not just any smile but your perfect smile, with each tooth aligned meticulously for optimal health and aesthetics.

Customization At Its Core

Damon Metal Braces transcend the one-size-fits-all approach. Your treatment plan is meticulously tailored to your unique dental anatomy and aesthetic goals. This customization extends to every aspect of the Damon experience, from the placement of Ultima brackets to the personalized treatment plan that guides your journey to a stunning smile.


Damon metal braces use a slide mechanism that reduces friction and pressure, making the experience of wearing braces much more comfortable than traditional twin brackets. This gentle approach to tooth movement improves your orthodontic experience and minimizes the soreness typically associated with adjustments.


The design of Damon Metal Braces also contributes to better oral hygiene during treatment. Traditional braces can trap food and plaque, but the sleek design of Damon brackets and the absence of elastic ties make cleaning your teeth easier and more effective. This design choice significantly reduces the likelihood of plaque buildup, ensuring healthier teeth and gums during your orthodontic journey.


Treatment times are often shorter with Damon metal braces than traditional braces. The efficiency of Damon Ultima brackets and innovative approach to force application means that teeth move into place more quickly and with fewer adjustments.

Metal Braces FAQ